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Dienstag 12. 06. 2012
Translated Forum
von Tobi

Since we got a lot of English speaking members now i translated some stuff here in our forum to make it more comfortable for them. There is also a box called 'Language' where you can choose between German and English.
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Sonntag 04. 03. 2012

click here

Don't permit that records will be reset without an change!
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Mittwoch 22. 02. 2012

After much experimentation we have found a new way to cope with the Underworld. The terras are faster than ever and the main team will be able to do a safe /age 10 after a short period of training. Because anyone who has worked on it ended up sooner or later in Dhuum Stucker [DS], we have decided to call this method the "DS-Way". We are confident to set a new record after a short time.
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Dienstag 14. 02. 2012
Valentine's Day
von Julius

Romance is in the air. Chocolate hearts, roses, and greeting cards are everywhere.

If you really want to be romantic, ignore all of these commercial products this Valentine's Day. Buying a card or some candy from the store only shows that you're doing what's expected. Going the extra mile to be creative shows that you really care.

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Samstag 24. 12. 2011
Frohes Fest
von Julius

Frohes Weihnachtsfest

Es ist Zeit für Liebe und Gefühl,
nur draußen bleibt es richtig kühl.
Kerzenschein und Apfelduft,
ja - es liegt Weihnachten in der Luft.
Wir wünschen manche schöne Stunde
in eurer trauten Familienrunde.


Wir wünschen euch ein frohes Fest mit eurer Familie und viel Spaß beim wichteln in unserer Gilde!

die Dhuum Stucker [DS] Gildenleitung
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